Toy Story Party

                          Dylan's birthday party of choice was none other than "Toy Story". 
                                     He's especially partial to Buzz and Woody this year.
                             Decorations were easy because we used a lot of his Toy Story toys.

The Dessert Table

                I just have to point out that these three kids are some the the cutest and smartest I know.
                                         (The above comment is unbiased even thought I am their grandmother "Nana")    :)

My granddaughters
Apparently we have opposing Florida teams in our family.

                                                                   The Menu

The menu was simple.  Pizza, chips, grapes and juice.   That's always a hit with our crew.

"Brody and Uncle Ryan"

While I love they fact that Dylan is happy about his present, they real reason I love this picture is that all of  the children (cousins and friends) were so excited and happy for him.  What sweet kids.
Trying to get a picture with sister and with his
eyes opened .....
or standing still was a problem.



 The Games

What's a birthday without a pinata!

Unfortunately this Pinata only made it through two hitters.  Cousin Colton is such
a fierce hitter, it broke the pinata right off the hanger.

           I don't think it was a problem for our group.  By the looks on their faces, they don't care
                                                 how they get to what's in the middle.

There was a toy story bean bag toss game.
Hermela was the ring toss champ. 

               A picture of all the party guests at the same time, looking in the same direction (kinda)

                  And on a final note, I just have to point out the athletic abilities in our family. 


These kiddos just make me smile.
Old fashioned kids parties are the best.
Paper products, ballons, party favors & Gumballs - Party City and Target
Pinata - Toys R Us
Pennant Banner Material - Hobby Lobby
Cake - Publix
 (we just gave them a picture we saw on line)
Cookies - Antoinette Dreasher (321) 303-4166
(local in Orlando)

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