A Birthday, a First and a Last

        This past weekend marked several milestones for Taylor.  Her 15th birthday, her first
                   Homecoming dance and the last Freshman football game to cheer in.


                                                                 Taylor and her friends

       Wish I could of tagged along to take pictures at the dance (I don't think she would of minded
               if her Nana followed her around with a camera at her first Homecoming dance. ha).
                    It was held at Disney's Animal Kingdom believe it or not.  What ever happened to
                                           Homecoming dances being held in the "gym"? 
                                        They may have a hard time topping this for prom.
                                              The girls do look beautiful in their dresses. 

                                                          The Last Game of the Season              

                        It was also the first cool cold day of Autumn we've had as you may be able
                                to tell by the two pictures below.  It was so nice while it lasted.

 Taylor leaving the game with her main guy. :)

It was a great first cheer season of highschool.

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