Our Trip, Part 2 (Jamestown)


The second city on our adventure was Jamestown which is conveniently located 15 minutes from Williamsburg.  You really need to give yourself an extra day and take the time to visit if your
going to Williamsburg.  There is a beautiful welcome center that has a very extensive indoor
 exhibit/museum (we don't have pictures because you can't use your camera there),
 an informational film, gift shop, new and very clean bathroom 
(important if you have kids or me with you), a cafeteria
 (we didn't eat there but it smelled delicious) 
and a somewhat reasonably priced giftshop.

The Indian Village

Once you begin the walking tour you enter the Indian Village.  They have a rendering of what the villages were like just before the settlers arrived.  Everything there was made exactly the way it would of been made in the 1600's.

All of the workers at Jamestown are either volunteers or paid very minimally so it's difficult
to have a real native american indian there but as you can see, they try to make it as
authentic as possible.  They actually make rope, cook food and work on the animal
skins in the original way.

Mike is preparing the animal skin while ...

I pound the corn.  lol

The New World

The next area you go to shows how the settlers came across.  The ships are made to
exact measurements.  They are beautiful but their square footage was very compact 
and you realized how strong-minded our ansestors must of been to withstand
months of being crammed together in what was very likely
the most unhealthy living conditions.  

            They were able to fire a blank shell from the canon off the dock.   Apparently the Coast Guard
               frowns upon life ammunition because directly behind the dock is where the ferry is located.

The crew slept next to the cannons.

The Captian's quarters.

The Fort

The fort will give you an idea of how most of the settlers lived in the beginning. 
Living within the fort afforded some protection.

Gardens were immediately planted and generally the women tended them.

To get an idea of how small most of the men were, their armor looked like it would
be worn by most 12 year old boys today.

Their Church

Living Quarters would normally have a fireplace, a bed and maybe a desk and chair.

This gentleman gave a firearm demonstration.  He was quite a character and truely played the part.
(By the way, this was Mike's favorite part)

Side note:  At the firearms demonstration, we met a cute couple on their honeymoon. 
It turns out they like practically in our neighborhood.  It is a small world, after all.

As you leave the fort, down the the water's edge, there was a man demonstrating how
they made their canoes.  You can even participate in digging it out.

If your visiting the area, you should really take the time to visit Jamestown.
You probably need to allow 3 to 4 hours total.

Things we will remember about Jamestown
smell of gun powder
very friendly staff
great museum
thankful in the knowledge that our ansestors were made from strong stock
beautiful location

Thanks for reminising we us.

Next Stop:  Gettysberg

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