The Outside

                               While I the Christmas Gal in our house,  Mike's the Halloween Guy. 
                                                  He loves decorating for Halloween and I give him
                                                                the complete credit for the outside.

This is my one contribution to the outside. 
I still love Charlie Brown.


                                                                    The Inside

                         While Mike's into the scary aspect of Halloween, I'm into the pumpkins.
As I may have mentioned before, I have a slight obsession with pumpkins.  I try to limit  it to
one new and different pumpkin per year.  This year I got two.
Picture above is a Slatkin & Company candle holder pumpkin from Bath and Body Works.
I just love his face and the cinnamon pumpkin candle scent coming out of him doesn't hurt.

My other new pumpkin this year is the "so cute" velvet pumpkin.  I kept seeing them on pinterest
and I was lucky enough to get one.  It looks perfect next to pumpkin man.

These are my trick or treaters that I've had since my kids were little. 
An old friend of mine made them and it just wouldn't seem like Halloween
if I didn't set them out.

This is the area of the house that Mike displays his Jim Shore Halloween collection.

The candle sticks remind me of Beauty and the Beast (except the Halloween color of course)

This year I was lucky to find this "real" Cinderella pumpkin while I was visiting my Dad in Virginia.
It's practically perfect, huge and quite a deal for $5.00.

One of my best friends made this pumpkin
gourd for me several years ago and it's
definitely one of my favorites.  Thanks Debbie.

From our house to yours...

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