Happy Birthday Taylor

                                                       Happy 15th Birthday Taylor

I can't believe my first born grandchild turned 15 today.  
Why is this happening so fast and why wasn't I consulted?
Why can't I slow this whole "growing up thing" down?

Happenings in Taylor's 15th year:
beginning high school
joining FFA
tumbling classes
lots of texting
sleep overs with BFF's

I think that about covers it.

 I love this little girl young lady more than words can say.
15 years in a blink of an eye.

Happy Birthday baby girl.

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  1. She is simply beautiful! What a special day!

    Sorry for posting this as a comment, but I couldn't locate an email addy for you...

    I just wanted to say thanks for being a 'follower' on Titus 2:3-5, and let you know that I've got a brand new address. I would be so blessed if you'd come visit, and also if you'd change the name and URL of my website in your sidebar.

    It's called E. Tyler Rowan and can be found at http://etylerrowan.ca.

    Thanks friend!