Embrace the Camera: October 20th

Today I'm joining Emily from andersonfamilycrew for Embrace the Camera Thursday.  The object being to put yourself in pictures with your kids, family and in my case, grandkids.  I've enjoyed her post and have been encouraged to actually put myself in the pictures so my family will "know I existed".   I am usually the one taking the pictures and frankly I'm always thinking I'm to over weight, not dressed just right , no make-up on to cover my wrinkles, my gray showing through and I could go on and on with all my excuses.  That sounds so vain doesn't it.  I'm probably never gonna like the way I look but after 50 "something" years I've decided to get over myself and do it anyway.  My family and friends don't care how I look.    Thanks Emily for your encouragement and motivation.  Now my kids and grandkids will be able to look back after I'm gone and remember I actually did things with them.   :))))      So here goes!

                                                        Nana and Dylan at his 3rd birthday.

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