Happy Birthday Brody Bear

I'm very late posting Brody's birthday.

Brody turned 4 in June.  This year he had a Ninja Turtle Birthday Party.
It was at a movie theater where they saw a Ninja Turtle movie and had games and
treats.  The boys got to act out lots of ninja turtle moves.  Even though I wasn't
able to be there, I got several pictures of the fun.


Brody's best Ninja Turtle impression.

Miss Ashley made his Leonardo cake.  A big hit.

Raphael and Leonardo, really.  Just ask them their names.

After the party the family celebrated with yummy mexican food.

Brody at 4 is .....

plays t-ball and is starting soccer
 doesn't like for mommy to leave him at Pre-K (at all)
but once she's gone he likes his class
is mommy's boy through and through
loves ninja turtles
his alias is Leonardo
likes his longer hair and curls and has no interest in cutting his hair
likes trains
loves the color blue (he is leonardo after all)
is very fond of sweets
loves his big sister
his best friend is Caleb (Raphael)
has a fun bunk bed
did I say he loves ninja turtles  :-)
loves to go to the farm with Dad

I love you Brody Bear.  You are such a cutie pie.
Thanks for all the facetime tours of your toys.
Nana loves it.

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