5000 miles, part 1

Our month of May was a blur and I can't believe we are already on the back side of
June.   Mike and I were lucky to be able to take a couple of weeks to visit some family and friends.

We packed up what seemed like our entire household and headed out on our adventure.

First stop was our sweet friend (who is really like family)  Ann's house.  She was our gracious host
for a pit stop on our way to Kelly's.  Thank you Ann.
She has the cutest house ever and went out of her way to make us feel at home.
Love her!!!!

The next day we made our way to Kelly's.  We drove in just in time
for the dress rehersal for the big end of the year recital.
She does such a great job and the girls did beautifully.
I didn't take pictures during the performances because
I wanted to simply enjoy it.
I'm looking forward to receiving the DVD.

Here's a few shots from the VPAC facebook page.

And of course there was professional security at the event.

Afterwards to celebrate Kelly treated us, Ashley and her family to the most
yummy food at Kahunas in the small town of Greenville.
Kind of a beachy, tikki theme.
It was a tiny little place with about 100 different items to choose from.

I didn't want to be too "weird" and take photos of everyone's choices 
so I just did mine.   Delicious chicken quesadillas on the cutest
little plates.  Their specialty was nachos 
with more toppings than I could count.

We were able to stay for a few days so we spent the rest of the  time with the kids going to the park,
swimming, playing and eating.  It just doesn't get better than that.

After swimming one day Kelly and Matt had errands to run so we got to 
spend the day having special time with the kiddos.

after ice-cream and hard play at the park we decided to surprise
Mommy and have our baths done when she got home.  When I combed out 
Brody's hair Makenzie quickly stepped in to show me how his hair
needed to be done to keep his curls.  So sweet.

Afterwards, Makenzie and I had a tea party, cleaned the kitchen and painted.
Love how she stands on her tippy toes.

Poppy and Brody played with Zoey, played knights and wrestled.

Isn't it so cute to have a picture of sisters and brothers napping.  
Makenzie thought so too.
 That's why she staged it for the camera and asked me to take the shot.

We were leaving early the next morning so I went over and had breakfast
with them and drove Makenzie to school.
Nothing like purple glazed donuts and pink milk.  Right!

Makenzie co-ordinated her outfit the match the ballerina necklace that Poppy got
her in honor of the recital. It had hot pink stones in the tutu of the ballerina.

And it doesn't get much cuter than this little ninja turtle.

This was the best way we could ever pick to start off our adventure.
Already looking forward to the next visit.

Now on to our next leg of the trip.
Nebraska, here were come.

Thanks for joining me on our little adventure.

Have a blessed day and be grateful in ALL things.

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