Celebrating the Red, White and Blue

We are beginning "one" of my favorite weeks of the year.
The celebration of our country's birthday, family
gatherings, cookouts, friends visiting,
fireworks, sparklers, watermelon ice-cream.....
Really, what's not to love.

We are extending our celebration and having our 1st Annual Extended
Family USA Birthday Celebration on the 12th.  So that means two weeks this year!!!!!

Since it's at our house I'm beginning to "fancy" my house up a little.

In January I did  a post on my Winter  Snowball Wreath  along with the

  original source of my idea.

I've used that wreath for other holidays including Valentines and Mardi Gras and
St. Patrick's Day.

For Fourth of July I decided I needed more punch of colors but still using the same idea
and this is what I came up with:

I used Patons Cobbles yarn (a wool blend) from JoAnn's because I like the fullness
of the balls it creates. 

8.99 each (before coupon) and it takes about 3 total.
I used 40% off coupons for each. 

 Greening Pins from JoAnn's that you can find in the floral/wreath section.

4.99  (before coupon) Straw Wreath from JoAnn's 
I used a 40%off coupon.

Ribbon was from JoAnn's.  It was in the 70% off bin for
4th of July decorations and cost $1.18.

Total Cost was right under 25.00.

Wrap yarn around three fingers somewhat loosely 10 times for smaller yarn balls
and 20 for larger ones.  I used some of both.  It's totally whatever you like.

Cut a piece of yarn and tie a knot horizontally around the yarn.

Cut the loops to make your balls.
Once they are made, you will likely have to do a small amount of trimming to shape it.

Loop the pin through the yarn securely.

Fill in until you can't see the straw wreath.  I've seen some people wrap their wreaths
first with material or ribbon but I didn't find it necessary.

I love the way it turned out.  Originally I wanted blue yarn balls included in the wreath
 but the particular kind of yarn I used didn't have that color option.  
So I included a blue star bow and I'm happy with the out come.

#1.  It mimics a flag
#2.  I can use it at Christmas in the room I decorate red and white.

Below are pictures of how I added touches to my Winter Snowball Wreath
for other holidays.

Thanks for joining my today.  I'll be back with some other decorating ideas for the 4th.
What fun things are you doing this year?

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