Fabulous Friday Finds and Fun Friday

  Through out the last few years I've occasionally posted Fun Fridays with my grandkids.
I'll still do that but I want to start a new (hopefully weekly) Friday post about 
"finds" I've made at really great deals.  I've seen that on other blogs
that have lead me to amazing deals that I never would have known about
so I'd like to possibly do that for others too.

Some I will have actually purchased
myself and some are more of a "what I'd like to purchase" if I had the 
money, time or space.
A dream list.

For my first post I've choosen 
hobnail candle holders from Bath and Body Works.

I have a well known love of bath and body work candles, candle holders, hob nail glass
and party decor so this would be a jack pot for me.
Plus that fact that I love a great deal and Bath and Body Works is having a 
50 % off candles/candle holders and 10 dollar off of your full purchase going on at the same time.

I think this would look great for any back porch/deck/patio party you might have going on.

The large glass holds a 3 wick candle and the 
hanging glass holds the mini candles.
The would go with any celebration by simply switching out the color of the candle.

I love decor that is timeless and can be used for more than one event.

So that's my find for the week.  
I'm not being compensated by Bath and Body Works (I wish)
and it's my own opinion.

Now that leads me to Fun Friday.

I've got my oldest grandson for a sleepover tonight and he just had his Pre-K Graduation so  I think
we will have to come up with a Summer Fun To Do List.

We are proud of you Dylan.

Have a great day.


Continuing to be grateful in all things

964.  everyday afternoon rain that cools off our summer days and keeps everything green
965.  trips to see Makenzie and Brody
966.  getting back in touch with our long lost family friend Judy
967.  sleep overs with Dylan
968.  the opening of a local American Girl store that will ensure lots of future memories with Makenzie
969.  planning a patriotic extended family day
970.  a day at the beach visiting my sister and her family on their vacation and "bingo"
971.  watching Taylor and her Poppy have fun in the ocean
972.  spending the day with Taylor (teenagers have a busy life)
973.  spending time in the Colorado mountains with great friends
974.  graduation ceremonies
975.  graduating seniors that I love and pray great things for
976.  dance recitals


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