Fabulous Friday Find

For today's addition of Fabulous Friday Find my subject will be candles.

For the most part, my go to candles for gifts and myself are 

They last many hours,  smell great with more choices than you can dream up
and they are very reasonably priced when you buy them on their very frequent sales.

My favorite Slatkin & Company candle is Winter.

Of course it's seasonal but I try to buy a few extra.
It's also the one I buy most for Christmas gifts.

There are many others that run a close second there.  
Two of which are pictured below.

The great thing about their candles are the half price sales that they have quite often and 
if you combine itwith their $10.00 off coupons if you spend $40.00 
(it use to be 30.00 which I liked better)
then you would be able to buy 4 really nice gifts for $8.50 each.  

However, my number 1 favorite candle of all time is  
especially in the Mercury Glass container.

Have you ever been in their store and wondered what smelled so great.
It's this lovely little jewel.

It's what I imagine Heaven will smell like.  It's that good.

The only downside is the cost.  
At $28.00 dollars and no sales I will just have to put it on my Christmas wish list.

Not something I'd go buy myself.

Okay, thanks for joining me on Fabulous Friday Finds.
I'm off to prepare for my Fun Friday with Dylan.
Working on his Summer Fun List.
I'll post on that soon.

Have a blessed day and be grateful for ALL things.

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