happenings lately

May flew by.
Maybe it seemed that way because we spent most of the month
on a 5000 mile road trip visiting family and friends.

I still editing pictures from that amazing adventure.

In the meantime I'm posting a few happenings lately for
my memory blog.

Kelly's dance studio had their end of the year recital in May.
We were  lucky enough to be there and they did such a fantastic job.
I'm going to do a post on in soon but I wanted to leave a few pictures now.

I'm really proud of my big girl and little girl.


Brody and Makenzie began their first season of baseball/t-ball.

Makenzie is playing baseball on a boy/girl team.
Mostly boys which I'm sure would not be her preference but
Makenzie always gives everything her all so I know she will do well.

And we all know Makenzie is gonna work her pose, even on the baseball field.

Brody is playing t-ball.  His best friend, Caleb, is on his team so I know he's a 
happy little guy.

And I'm proud as punch to announce that he has already made his first home run.
Way to go Buddy.

I know they both are having a great time.
Makenzie loves to be busy and will join as many things as she is allowed to.
(I feel sorry for Mom and Dad)
Brody is super excited because this is the first time he's almost been old enough.
He began the season at 3 but he has since turned 4.
Nana likes your baseball stance too Brody.
I can see lots of baseball pictures in the future for you.

Nana will have to plan one of my visits during baseball season next year.


And speaking of Birthdays, Brody turned 4.

Brody at his birthday dinner with his family.
He had a ninja turtle party at a movie theater with all his friends.
Post of that coming soon.

Happy Birthday Brody Bear.


This past week we visited my sister and her family on their yearly week at the beach.
We were lucky enough to have Taylor come with us.

It was such a fun time.

I think we may have bored Taylor (a little) with several exciting
games of Bingo, though she said it was lots of fun.  

I spent my time on the beach under the tent.  I just can't take too much sun and
luckily for me it was overcast a fair amount of the day.
My sister and her sweetie are on the beach on the left playing bocce ball and Taylor and
Poppy spent lots of time in the water which puts me on "shark watch".
I really don't know what I think I'm gonna do from way up on the beach but 
it makes me feel better anyway.  ha

Later that afternoon a storm rolled in.  Now I've lived in Florida most of my life
and I've seen lots of afternoon storms but I'll admit this one gave me pause for thought.
I was definitely thinking tornado but it turned out to be just a hour long heavy rain storm.  
I didn't have my good camera with me so images are from my phone but
I think you get the idea.

Thanks Kim and Pat for the fun day and thank you Taylor for giving up some of your
summer time to spend with you ole' Nana and Poppy.


Father's Day

I want to wish all the fathers in my family a happy father's day.   
They may not always be perfect but they are perfect for us.
Our entire family
is blessed with the cream of the crop (as fathers go).

My Dads.  Yes, I one of those lucky girls who is blessed with two Dads.
They both mean the world to me.

My sweet heart, who joined on board to do this crazy life with me and
my four babies when he didn't have to.

Three of the greatest brothers I could ever have asked for.

My big brother and partner in crime when we were little.
my half brother that I don't get to see often but love it when we do

My wonderful brother-in-laws that my sisters are lucky to have.

My great son-in-laws whom I have to thank for my perfect (to me) grandkids.
I will never be able to thank you enough for that one.  ;-)

and lastly, my sweet baby boy who has spent the last several years the father figure for his girlfriend's

Please know in this day and age it is so important for Fathers to be in their children's life
and we are so honored to have this group in our family.

We had a very low key celebration this year.

Rootbeer Floats
Hot Dogs
mustache lolly pops
Movie Theater

Being together and calling it a day.

I hope everyone out there celebrating Father's Day had a wonderful time.
I know there are those out there who find this day difficult.
They've lost their father, their children's father, their father wasn't in their lives
for one reason or another.  I prayed that your day would be easy and
in the knowledge that our Heavenly father is always there.

Have you seen the Southern Women Channel?
My new absolute favorite.
They have short youtube shows.

1.  Sh%t Southern Women Say  Episode 1
2.  Sh%t Southern Women Say  Episode 2
3.  Sh%t Southern Women Say  Episode 3
4.  Sh%t Southern Women Say  Episode 4
5.  Sh%t Souther Women Say Update
6.  The Dixie Download Episode 1

I'll link you to their facebook page.  If you're a southern women
(or even if you're not) you are going to absolutely love this.
It is so funny and absolutely true.
My husband even thinks it very funny.
I can't wait to see all the exciting new things happening for these beautiful ladies.

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