my favorite month of the year

although I can generally find favorite things about every month

but November has

my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving

our anniversary

my baby was born in November

time fall's back and I love when it gets dark earlier 

cooler temperatures (generally speaking)

Veterans Day
(to honor all of those who have in the past and still keep us safe and free)

Voting Day
(especially in Presidential Election Years)

remember your vote counts

and this year a new nephew will be joining our family
can't wait to meet you Eli


so down came all the Halloween decorations 
(I realize we just may have too many as we spent most of the day packing them away)

I started my blessing tree today and Dylan got to make the first blessing
(more on that in my next post)

Thanksgiving decorations out

a couple of new projects for this year

remembering all we have to be thankful for

So goodbye Halloween
look forward to seeing you next year

November 1st

On November 1st, I am thankful for my husband who spent many
hours tearing down and putting away decorations, sweep the 
entire downstairs to rid it from our never ending problem of dog hair and
then spent quite a while on ebay "winning" me a set of the old Publix
Pilgrim salt and Pepper shakers that I never bothered to buy when 
sold them in stores but now really wanted a set.

Remembering to be grateful in all things

864.  sweet little trick or treaters
865.  cool weather in Orlando
866.  people coming together in prayer for the northeast
867.  my parents having dinner with us on Sunday
868.  a sweet  and thoughtful holiday give from my parents early
869.  speaking with distant cousins on the phone

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