Blessing Tree

After seeing all the great ideas for blessing trees on blogs and pinterest the
past couple of years I decided to design and make my own.  One I could
keep forever.  It's was really quite easy, however time consuming.

It's made totally out of felt

I drew out a pattern of a tree and leaf design I liked

the black felt  base is 36 " by 36 "

all you need is :
sewing machine and thread
curtain rod

The best part is because it's made out of felt, you don't have to attach
the leaves.  They just stay put.  Easy on and easy off.

Someone in our family will place one leaf a day up
and then write down a blessing to put 
 in the jar.  On thanksgiving we will read it aloud as
a reminder of how thankful we are in our every our
every day life and God's blessings upon us.

I'm really happy the way it turned out.

I may have to open an Etsy shop and sell them next year. 

November 2nd

On November 2nd, I am thankful that my lord and savior loves and forgives me in spite of myself.


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