3 parks and a movie

                          I had the opportunity to spend the day with two of my favorite boys.

Dylan and Colton are 4 year old cousins.  Their mom's (first cousins)  are the same age and spent most of their early childhood together constantly.  Their uncle's, who are the same age also, did the same.  These two remind me so much of my son and nephew when they were little guys.  I don't get the opportunity to be with just the two of them very often.

We are having awesome weather in Florida right now.  It was sunny, blue skies, breezy and in the low 60's.   We decided to spend the day visiting different parks in our area.

                                                         So at 8:30 am, off we went.
                                                                       We had a ......

bridge crossing

                                                             rock climbing and camera posing

spiral sliding

rock skipping

root pulling

McDonalds eating

movie watching

army man playing 

kind of day

We had a great time and the boys are looking forward to another play date soon.

Thanksgiving blessings:

Nov. 3rd.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to visit Savannah with Mike.

Nov. 4th.  I'm thankful for an unexpected stop on our way home and discovering the
beautiful costal town of St. Simon (only 3.5 hours from home).  Plus the added
windshield time with Mike.  It was his idea to stop and I just wanted to get home
and thought is was a "waste of time".   Just think of what I would of missed.

Nov. 5th.  I'm thankful for all of my children that I love more than anything.

Nov. 6th.  I'm thankful to live in a God "Blessed" country and for our privilege to vote
on election day.

Nov. 7th.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend the day with my 
great nieces and nephews.

Nov. 8th.  I thankful for my day at the park with the little boys and for the fact that 
we had the most beautiful weather.

Nov. 9th.   I'm thankful that no matter what political side you're on or who the president
is, Jesus is King.

Nov. 10th  I am thankful for a day of Christmas music playing while riding around
town with the window open, sun shining and cool breeze blowing with my husband.

Remembering to be grateful in all things

870.  finishing my Thanksgiving table runner
871. our beautiful November weather
872.   little boys on playgrounds
873.  Makenzie loving school

874.  the best friends a girl could ever have
875. " gotcha" days

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