I had to opportunity to spend a couple of days with my great nieces and nephews while their parents were visiting Ethiopia.  I always love when I'm lucky enough to spend the day with them.  I got to do
a little bit of homeschool teaching while I was there and I've come to the conclusion that I should of
been an elementary school art teacher.  I love to do little projects with them and my grandkids.   I took
advantage of the fact that my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and I came up with some "themed"
projects.  On our first day together we made a turkey picture out of cutting up pieces of scrapbook paper .  They did such a great job.  Jessica and Nick have a group of budding artist on their hands.

On the second day together we did the ever popular pinecone turkeys.
The only problem was the part of town we live in has very few pine trees and the grounds 
around the trees I found were picked cleaned.    I made it over to their house with 5
pinecones.  I knew we needed two for  Caleb and Eli.  They  really
wanted to make some for their Mom and Dad so we needed four.  
 I planned a walk through their neighborhood to find the rest.  
After 4 or 5 blocks it was apparent that wasn't gonna happen.  Not
a pine tree to be found.  So in the very large van we went on a pinecone hunt.
We were so lucky that the first park we happened by had exactly one pine tree with
exactly 4 pinecones underneath.  Thankful for that.

            Dad                                              Mom                                                           Rahel
                Caleb                                                                                        Hermela
                  Caroline                                               Meron                                        Colton

and Baby Eli

and while we were on a roll with our homeschool classes, we decided to throw
a little home economics lesson in and made some cupcakes to welcome
their Mom, Dad, Caleb and Eli

spice-caramel cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
with pilgrims and indians of course

Thanks kids for such a fun couple of days

The big reason for all the extra time with the kids.....

Jessica is bringing home our newest little family member


and also, she got to spend time loving on sweet Muri

our sponsor child from Trees of Glory



  1. It looks like you are having a blessed Thanksgiving. I love the turkey crafts.
    I was at the dentist last week looking through a copy of Family Fun magazine and saw this adorable turkey made from a plastic cup turned turkey. They had bodies and faces taped or glued onto the front, then filled 1/4 with dip and had different colored pepper slices sticking up and hanging over the back of each cup. Cute and healthy. My daughter and granddaughters are vegetarians . . . so I think I'll give them a project of building veggie turkeys for our table.
    Happy Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday, too)
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  2. Thanks so much for all you did with the kids. They always love having Aunt Debbie for the day!