Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

                                 Happy Birthday to our precious Taylor on her Sweet 16 Party

Her mom and dad gave her the best ever sweet sixteen party

It was at a local night club (turned into an age appropriate venue)
DJ, dancing, photo booth, lots of food, soda and dessert buffet

too many pictures and too friends to get everyone I'm afraid
 but I think I got a good cross section here

not only are her friends as cute as can be, they were the nicest group
of high schoolers I've ever been around

4 hours and not one problem
they were as sweet and precious as they come
okay, enough of the grandmother comments.... 

Taylor's "god sister" Anslie
it was so special of her to come down from North Carolina to surprise Tay

I know she really appreciated that her cousins came

aren't they just adorable
(and I'm not one bit biased)

they were all born in the same year

another cousin picture with Sarah

And below is a group of friend photo's from the "photo booth"

and finally a shot of them on their way home

Taylor was one happy girl

Remembering to be grateful in all things:

851.  sweet friends
852.  parents who work hard to make special days for their children
853.  a fall evening in Orlando
854.  dinner out with my hubby
855. finding the good in all things
856.  making ghost pizza's with Dylan
857.  the worker's who came together to pull off Taylor's party
858.  cousins who go out of their way to make your birthday special
859.  Anslie
860.  a phone call from Makenzie excited to tell me she lost 2 
teeth in one week
861.  missing front teeth in time for the holiday pictures
862.  Eli passing the embassy clearance today
863.  to my precious Taylor for whom I first learned what to love a 
grandchild felt like

Joining Ann's place for Multitudes on Mondays.

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