Halloween (Part 2)

I don't know how the time keeps getting away with me.  
I never finished posting the Halloween decorations. 
Since Halloween is tomorrow I decided it's now or never and since the outdoor 
decorations are Mike's department, I wanted to document all his hard work.   

So here it goes.

if you look close you can see Koby in on the act with his werewolf eyes

the same pumpkins we've had since the kids were little
as it fades Mike keeps spray painting it
it's traffic alert neon orange now

we can't have Halloween without Charlie Brown at our house

and I really love that all of our coach lights turn into pumpkins
(they are just those inexpensive trick or treat pumpkins with the
bottom cut our and a slit down the back to wrap around the light)

and the moon cooperated by being full just in time for the trick or treaters

our jack o lanterns come out from hiding this time of year

I made a halloween runner for my table this year in a pretty orange/black print
and if you knew my "skills" on a sewing machine you might know what an 
accomplishment this is for me.  My mom helped me figure how to cut it out
and after I finished it she came by and gave me the seal of approval.  
Yeah me!

and finally my candy holder, which is sadly empty
  so I'm on my way out to pick up lots of candy as my neighborhood 
has many sweet little cuties and many scary trick or treaters
that will be ringing my doorbell tomorrow


And on a more important note on this 
Halloween Holiday

 Please keep everyone's families, friends and neighbors in the northeast in your prayers as we are now learning of how 
bad the devastation has been from  Hurricane Sandy.

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