Happy Birthday Dylan

Happy Birthday Dylan

you're a "big" 4 year old boy

you love:

army men
playing laser guns with Poppy
Momma, Dad and Sister
your cousins
Halloween and Christmas movies
bedtime stories
going to football games
sword fights
going on the boat with Daddy
small tomatoes
bath time

you're not crazy about:

taking naps
going to bed at night
cleaning up your toys
being told you can't do something


colors: for now it's purple and pink 
(usually it's green)

food:   pizza

snack:  olives 

movie:  Toy Story movies

book:   I Love You Stinky Face

On you Fourth Birthday you wanted a Dinosaur Party

 dinosaur masks for the dinosaur egg hunt

dinosaurs were lurking throughout

birthday family shot

love the look on Caleb's face

the big 4

I'm thinking he's excited about his cake

don't you love how the other kids make the "blowing out the candles" face

They're off to the dinosaur egg hunt 

time to open presents

love his four year old "smile for the camera" 

after kicking soccer balls around for a while......

it was time for cake and ice-cream

and finally the pinata

this was one of the biggest and strongest pinatas I've ever seen

we even had these two (above and below) "professional" baseball players 
taking mighty swings at it

next resorting to swords

then both swords and  bats

finally after a little help from the Dads, out comes the candy and toys

I just love how my sweet nieces always make sure they help the little ones get their fair share

the party group (minus 6)

and as always, the silly face pose

I couldn't help but notice the sweet little girls on each end seem lost on the concept.
I think their wondering "what in the world are these kids doing".

That's the way the little ones in our family roll.

What a great job you did with the party Melissa.

Fun was had by all.

Remembering to be grateful in all things:

837.  a beautiful fall day (in Florida) for Dylan's birthday party
838.  little ones happy for the birthday boy
839.  silly faces
840.  the low humidity this week
841.  people who can talk calmly about politics
842.  no serious injuries in Ryan's accident yesterday (that totaled his car) 
843.  Makenzie's first soccer goal

844.  little brothers who cheer for their big sisters

845.  hayrides

846.  learning to forgive yourself, then move on with the lesson learned
847.  a visit with my mom and sister with lots of laughs
848.  gno tonight
849.  my lovely friend who takes such good care of her Dad
850.  being here to enjoy my precious grandchildren

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  1. How sweet~ Happy birthday four year old Dylan!!! You are a cutie pie!