Getting Ready for Halloween Part 1

                The holidays are rolling in faster than I can keep up with.  How's that possible!!!
         I was sure that once I "retired" I'd have all the time in the world to do everything I dreamed
                       of doing for the holidays when I was working.  What the heck!

          I did get most of my indoor decorations up (minus a couple of projects I am working on).

                                                      First Up:  Halloween Mantel

My husband is the one with the Jim Shore Halloween collection.
He's been at it for quite a number of years now.

I added a Halloween banner this year.  I saw something very similar on line
last month but I haven't been able to find it again to give credit to that idea. 

just made out of layers of scrapbook paper and ribbon

and of course my pumpkin obsession
magically becomes jack o'lanterns this time of year

love how that happens


then the black crows start appearing throughout the house

just bits and pieces scattered around letting us know that magical 
candy day will soon be here

our little trick-or-treaters that a friend of mine (Ronnie) made more than 
20 years ago that my kids and now the grandkids really love
over the years we've lost track of each other but I wish she knew
how much joy they've brought us over the years

I saw this idea from Dixie Delight's blog last year and we're giving it a try
hope I can accomplish everything on the list this month
some may be a little hard to do since I live in Florida
but we've already half way through
Go by her blog for a visit.  She is absolutely delightful, sweet, lovely
and has the most magnificent ideas for parties and decorating.

my babies when they were little trick or treators

my grandbabies last year

there's more to do outside and a few projects I'm working on now
but we are are about ready for the treating to begin

and now off to finish some cookies for a special little someone's birthday

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Remembering to be grateful in all things:

824.  remembering long ago friends
825.  a project with my mom today
826.  spending extra time with family this month
827.  pumpkin bread
829.  the color orange
830.  finally finding a box of chia tea latte for mike
831.  3 phone calls with Kelly, Makenzie and Brody this week
832.  Carrie taking the night shift for me on Friday :-)
833.  seeing my nieces twice this week
834.  Jessica's sweet friends celebrating Eli
835.  plane tickets made for a gotcha day
836.  moms who work hard to make their baby's birthdays special


  1. Hello Deborah, I was out blogging and looking to see who my followers were following and I came across your delightful blog. The minute I saw all of your clocks I knew that we were kindred spirits. I get teased a lot about my clocks. I'll be in a thrift store or at a garage sale and see a clock. If I like it, it doesn't matter to me if it works or not, there is just something about clocks that fascinate me. So as you walk around my house some are working and some are not, but I know the ones that are . . . that's want matters.
    Your mantel is decorated so cute. I love the banner you made.
    I am your newest follower and I would be honored if you would decide to follow me back. I'm looking forward to becoming great blogging friends, Connie :)

  2. Hello Denise. I am delighted that you are following my blog and I'm looking forward to becoming great friends.
    I have a short clock story . . . I had always wanted a clock with chimes. One day I came upon this gorgeous mantel clock with chimes and on sale! This was my chance, so I purchased it and was so proud of my wonderful find. I found the perfect spot for it in the living room and the first time it chimed, I ran to the front door. That's right, it has the same chime as our doorbell, LOL. I kept it . . . it's beautiful. Someday if we ever find the need to down size to a smaller home, I'll start using it. If not it will be a nice gift for a grandchild.
    And so goes . . . the days of our lives . . . . have a marvelous week, Your blogging sister, Connie :)