First Annual GNO Crafting Sleepover

                             we just had our first annual gno crafting sleepover this past friday.
                        it was such fun that I barely documented (by pictures of course) anything.
                                                                    so unlike me.......

            even though I'm calling it first annual, we actually decided to change up our monthly
                            gno's for the rest of this year into a gno crafting night.  fun!!!

         we kept it light for the first time and ended up only doing one of the projects i'd planned on.

          we each got a canvas and either did mixed media or a painting of something fall themed.
        i actually didn't get mine done in time to document because I was "trying" to explain the mixed
            media concepts i learned in the "Creatively Made" online art course i took.  i think i make
                   a better student than teacher but my girls are talented so they did such a great job.

                                     we learned one very important lesson.  "it's only a craft"
                                                    (thank you carol for our new motto)



debbie g.

my first students   ;-)

i really didn't want to post this picture

i'm not happy with how i look

how out of shape i am

no make up 

no hair style

however, i love my "girls" and wanted proof I was there

thanks debbie g. for the lovely flowers 

in my "favorite color orange"

by the way, my loving orange so much is gail's influence
i kinda stole her favorite color

and the coffee station you brought


thanks gail for making the pumpkin cream cheese ebelskivers in 
honor of fall and the harvest moon

yes, our crafting sleepover was on the harvest moon

how cool is that



finally, thanks kathie for making mike's favorite lemon bars

and yes he did share "one or two" with me

the best friends a girl could ever have

and now i'm off to a high school football game


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