Trees of Glory Update!

The entire amount for the Livestock/Barn Fundraiser for Trees of Glory has been raised.  Thank you to everyone who donated to such a great cause.  The money has been wired to Ethiopia so the land is safe. I look forward to posting pictures of the progress as it is made and follow God's plan for the staff and children.

Thank you Jessica and Nick for doing such a great job heading the fundraiser up.  And a special thank you to the bloggers who posted links for this cause.

And because I like to add a picture to my posts, meet Mitiku.

He is a full orphan that found his way to Trees of Glory and the director has taken him in.  My niece's (Jessica) husband's (Nick) parents have become his sponsor family.  I think that makes him my great nephew now.  I love how my family continues to grow.   Check out this story of God's Timing and Plan. 
This will be my Wordless Wednesday Picture. 
(Except with words)

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Deborah, thank you so much for your support on my Facebook page! You have such an inspirational blog!