Dreaming of a snow day

I have to admit I'd  really love to have a snow day.  The chances of that happening in Orlando don't look good.  I've been visiting a few blogs that I really enjoy and have vicariously been enjoying the snow through their beautiful pictures and funny video clips.  If your dreaming of the white stuff, take a look.



Someone  in my office just told me that on this day, January 11, 2011, Florida is the only state  (in the 48) with no snow on the ground.  I've got to rethink why it is  I live here. 

                                                 I would love for this to be my new home.

                                                                 (For today anyway)

For all of you lucky ones who get to enjoy a few days of white winter bliss, have fun.

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  1. Deborah, yes we have white stuff on the ground in MS, but it is icy white stuff. School has been out for two days, you know we South folks don't know how to travel on ice. But, wow love this house & even like the fact it is red all over. You just may have to take a little road trip to see snow!