Urgent Prayer Request!

I wanted to ask for urgent prayer requests today. 

First,  for a little girl named Kate that I have been praying for this past year.  She is fighting a fierce battle with brain cancer and she and her family just got bad news with her latest MRI.  They need your prayers now as her parents and the specialists decide what is out there that can offer them any hope.  Please pray for God's healing grace.

Second, please pray  for and pass  this information  to anyone you know who may be interested  in adopting older children.  There are two children in Ethiopia (a brother and sister) that have been waiting for a family for several years.  They are  "K" who is 11 and  "M" who is 9.   How must it feel  after  being there so long seeing all of the babies and young children being picked but no one chooses them.  They have zero Foriegn  Fees and zero Agency Fees.  I will  be fowarding an email to those on my list.  My niece, Jessica, is also advocating for these sweet children and she met them when they were in Ethiopia.  Please visit her post for more information.

Finally, Linny (she is such a spiritual inspiration to me) at A Place Called Simplicity knows a minister in Egypt, Dr. Sameh Sadik "Sam" who is asking for us to pray for Egypt.  I listed his requested prayer below.  To learn more, please go to Linny's link.

                                                                  Prayer for Egypt:

Lord we ask you to Block further violence and crime in Egypt that no more lives will be lost! Give us peace and order in Egypt. Lord, we appeal for your Hand to intervene and pray that Egypt will institute a democratic government and leadership to allow freedom and lift the Christian persecution. Lord, we ask you to turn the eyes of all people to you! May Jesus be revealed your people, for you are our answer in the time of trouble. Lord, we have Hope in you as the Author and Finisher of our faith!

Thank you

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