Makenzie and Brody (two of my grandkids)  were in town for a visit.  Oh, and their parents came along for the ride.  We had such a great visit.  They left me with wonderful memories and a cold.  (The cold was so worth it though). 

                                                                 Dylan and Makenzie 
                                                           (Can you tell they're cousins)


                           Brody is the sweetest baby and always has a smile.

Makenzie's new "pet" turtle (formely known as our lawn ornament),  that she
 named Shirley Shelley Emerick.

                                     Makenzie asked Poppy to "take an action shot".  lol

         And this is Makenzie when she realized Daddy was loading up the car to head home.

         I miss them already.  Already looking forward to my next trip to Illinois in the next month.


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