Walt's World Wednesdays

I have had a tradition on my birthday over the past few years to head to Epcot for lunch.

It falls during Flower and Garden and is usually still somewhat cool.

We take a walk around the world a couple of times, have lunch at
Via Napoli, partake in some of our favorite treats and grab a few pictures of
the beautiful flowers.

wearing my party park ears 

My favorites

One of my favorite treats  (and one of their most popular) at Flower and Garden is 
the lavender lemonade.

My birthday lunch at Epcot is a tradition I hope to keep going.

The pictures hardly do justice to how beautiful and bright the flowers are.
It was a very overcast day, threatening to rain the entire time.
However, the rain stay away and it keep it cooler so I won't complain.

I'm looking forward to my next trip around the world.

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