April Fool's Fun

Since my children are grown the days of April Fool's Day pranks
seem long behind me.  And even though I have grandkids, it doesn't usually
turn out that I'm with them on prankster day.

A few years ago I happened to be with Makenzie and Brody on April Fool's and
we made a fun opposite kind of dinner so I thought I'd recreate it
for Dylan because as luck would have it, April 1st fell on his "spend the 
night at Nana's" day.

The original idea came from my go to blogger for all things great to do with kids, the delightful
Amanda from Dixie Delights.  Check out her April Fool's posts for great ideas.

My only problem was I really wanted to use mostly what we had at home so I would call
mine the much less, quick version.  Also, I really wanted the cute funny glasses with attached
 nose that she used but I wasn't able to find them anywhere.  I did find a few 
glasses and clown nose but if you've known me for long you know clowns aren't my thing. 
Overall, I'm happy with the way it turned out considering I threw in together in a couple
of hours.

We had fun place settings and called this our unbirthdays.
We had dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert.
With crazy candles, colorful glasses and grape lemonade.

Dinner was cup cakes (meat loaf and mashed potatoes on top with a little teal food coloring).
Dylan really thought he was having a cup cake until he pulled down the wrapper.
The expression on his face was priceless.
After a lot of convincing for him to try it, he really liked it and ate several.
We also had apples with gummy worms crawling through holes.

For dessert we had dinner.
Hamburgers (cup cakes with a brownie for the meat, green icing for lettuce and
red icing for ketchup).
And of course peas and carrots
(easter color tootsie rolls)

Our crazy lemonade was just lemonade with a few drops of grape juice to give it color.
I wanted to make blue milk but I knew he wouldn't drink it.

Dylan did decided to play a April Fool's Day joke on his Poppy.
At first he tried to tell him his report card was very bad so Poppy would
think that was his joke.  He had a hard time keeping a straight face so Poppy already
knew he was kidding.  But that was actually a ploy for the real joke.
A couple of hours after dinner Dylan told his Poppy he had some mini golden
oreos.  Their favorite and said he would share it Poppy wanted some.
What he didn't tell him was that he had replaced the middle with toothpaste.
The ole' tooth paste/oreo trick.
We got him.  
Although he said it kind of tasted like mint oreos,  he declined having a second serving.

My crazy boys.

I hope your April Fool's Day was filled with at least one joke.

Thanks for joining me today.

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