Thankful Thursdays

I recently read a blog post about quotes or sayings that Christians use.

I for one had used all or at least most of them at one time or another without
thinking about how it may come across to a non-christian or even a christian
who is leaving in very in tragic circumstances.  The words are meant to be comforting but they aren't
necessarily biblically based.

I won't go into the entire post but I will link it below.

What I'm thinking about  today is a saying that I have used both verbally and
in my postings numerous times.  It didn't occur to me until I read the post
how it might make others feel
when someone says they are blessed.  It  could give the impression that God blesses some
people more than others.  For instance does God bless a family
who lives in a beautiful neighborhood in a large home, sends their children to a private school, 
has amazing vacations and elaborate birthday parties/holidays more than
he blesses a poor family in a war torn country who can barely put food on the table
or an orphan who lives on the streets because both parents died of starvation or disease?
What about a child who is in foster care because of drug abuse or molestation in the family?
Of course he doesn't.   God doesn't love some more than others.

Before the past year of  medical issues in my extended family, my granddaughter losing her paternal grandfather and soon after her own father.  And then the tragic and unexpected loss of my precious son,  I was one of those who thought I was leading a blessed life.

What I never thought about was by saying I was blessed, I really meant I was thankful
for my life.  Grateful to have such an easy life without loss.
I'm so very sorry if I said that to someone and it made them feel bad in any way.

I will admit that I have wondered over this past months why God would
do this to me.  Take my child away.  But I know in my heart he didn't do this
to me but he will always be with me until he brings me home.

 I will try to remember not to feel God is blessing me personally when
things are going well.  But being thankful for it.
Honestly that a hard one for me right now.

Several years ago I use to post Multitudes on Mondays.
Somewhere along the line I feel out of the habit.

I'm trying to fight my way back to being thankful again so
this is a challenge to myself.

My Gratitude List

1.  I'm thankful that I got to be Ryan's Mom on earth for 34 years.

Forever my baby boy.

2.  I'm thankful that my husband stayed by my side for 3 days straight while I was
recovering from oral surgery.

3.  I'm thankful that I got to have dinner last night with Gail and we have an afternoon
planned in the near future.  It's been too long.

4.  I'm thankful that my girls are on the road to feeling better now.

5.  I'm thankful that we actually had cool enough days to open our windows and doors 3
times in this past week.  That is something indeed to be grateful for in Florida for the month of April.

As I mentioned before, the Thankful Thursday Posts are for me to work through grief.

If your interested in the post I was referring to earlier
the link is Kelly's Korner Christian Phrases To Avoid

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