St. Patrick's Day 2016

You'll have to excuse the picture.
 I took them with my cell phone which is not the greatest quality 
and I was too lazy to get out the camera.

Since it was just Mike and myself for St. Patrick's Day this year I
decided that quick and easy was the ticket.

Lucky Charms and Donuts for Breakfast

Panini corned beef, swiss cheese, cole slaw and deli mustard sammies for lunch

Shepard's Pie and Leprechaun Punch for dinner

And the most delicious ever…….
creme de menthe brownies

It's near the top of my list of all time favorites

recipe by Dixie Delights
check it out on her blog for the recipe and beautiful pictures

I made the grandkids little St. Patty's Day packages (forgot to take pictures)
 so I couldn't leave out Mike.

two of his favorite green treats

two of my lucky charms

I usually decorate but I'm taking a break from that for now.

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