My Favorite People Call Me Nana (MFPCMN)

At the request of a few friends and family, I've decided to do a weekly post on
some of my activities, adventures and just plain fun that I have with my favorite people.  
My favorite people are generally my grandkids but can also include nieces, nephews 
and other little ones.

I always find it interesting how others fill Easter Baskets so I thought I share what I did this year.
For my first post, I'm going to show you what I put in my grandkids
basket/buckets and list where I found the items.
Although I still make my grown children Easter Baskets, lets face it.
There just not as fun.

I'll begin with my Illinois grand babies.

Their's will not be in a basket because I try to ship their things in one box and their
mom will place them in their basket bucket that I have for them up there.

I always try to add a few practical things to their baskets as well as some 
fun surprises.  Neither sets of parents really like for there to be 
a lot of candy so I "try" to honor that.  Some years better than others.

For Brody, I got the Disney Storybook collection of Bedtime Favorites
with a couple of Autographs from characters that were on our Disney Cruise.
They thought that was pretty neat.  
Amazon offers the best deals on the Disney Story Book Collections.
The pajamas and bathing suit are from Target as well as the Peeps Bubbles,
the Peeps Lollipop and Peez Easter Egg set.
The little Ty Doggie whose name is Duke is adorable.  Those eyes!!!
Brody is renaming him Fluffy though.
And also, the Peep lollipop is disgusting.  An FYI for next year.
I was assured by several different children who will remain nameless that
it had a bad after taste. 

Makenzie's bucket had the Disney Storybook collection of Princess Adventure Stories.
She really into mermaids now so I got her a mermaid looking bathing suit from Justice.
It matches the mermaid tail she has.
Now can we just take a minute to feast our eyes on the cuteness that is this bunny gown.
I would definitely wear it, even at my advanced age it they only made it in my size.
She got the same peeps lollipop, bubbles and peez egg set from Target.
Her Ty cat, Patches, is just precious.  I found this cutie at Barnes and Noble.

Dylan lives near me and I have recently purchased both pajamas and a bathing suit
to live at my house for swimming and sleepovers so I omitted them from his Easter bucket.
I did get him a Disney Storybook Collection that seemed to have a few more 
boy stories such as Peter Pan and Aladin.  It still has some 
princess stories but  he doesn't seem to mind.
He has several buddies in his neighborhood and they like running around 
outdoors so I thought I would get a few items that he could share with friends.
I got the water guns were from Target last summer on clearance.  The rainbow of bubble wands
were from Walmart.  I think it was like $3.88.  Great deal.
He had a few requests that he wanted to receive the Easter bunny and
 one was gum so I found a small carton
of egg shaped gum, a peeps lollipop and egg peez set just like the others.
I also made homemade bunny trail mix and put that and cheetos in icing bags to look like 
carrots.  He also got a sheet of star wars tattoos from the dollar spot at Target.

And finally, my first born granddaughter Taylor.  It's a little different for her because she's
actually a young lady in college.  Whatever candy or edibles I put in her basket, I doubled so
that she could share with her sweet boyfriend.

We went shopping together last month and we happened into Pottery Barn Kids.  In the
nursery section we came across the beautiful Emily & Meritt gold sequin letters
and she fell in love with them.
She wanted to get the word SPARKLE spelled out for her room.
I convinced her to wait to see if they might go on sale and instantly went home and ordered
them.  I knew they'd be perfect for her basket.
(They sell the individual letters and two different pre-made banners.  I ordered
myself one of the banners for my grandkids room that I'm will be redoing this summer)
I also got her a Lush easter egg bath bomb  that smells like vanilla cotton candy,
 a Bath and Bodyworks Candle  called Paris Lavender Macaron,
an Essie nail polish (In The Cabana) from Kohls and a cute note card set
from the dollar spot at Target.

And there you have it, what I put in my grandkids baskets this year.
I love to hear ideas of what your family does for Easter Baskets.

Thanks for joining me for my first post of "My Favorite People Call Me Nana"

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