Friday Family Fun

Dylan's "spend the night with Nana" fell on Good Friday
so we decided we would do an Easter Theme Night.

We decorated eggs by using tissue paper/modge podge and painting

we built domino trails and knocked them over and over again
(not that this is an Easter theme but, well you know…..boys…...

we colored Easter pictures for his Mom

we built an Easter puzzles

and we watched movies and read books

I've found with little ones, especially little boys…
transitioning often to shorter activities keeps them motivated

Now if I had Makenzie with me, we would have probably spent the night 
doing crafts and baking
painting our nails Easter colors
looking at Easter dresses

When it was bedtime we read the Jesus Calling Bible Storybook
by Sarah Young

We've been reading it  whenever he spends the night and I
worked it out that we would be at the exact spot for the Easter Story.
I absolutely love this book and if you have little ones (kids or grandkids)
it would be such a amazing addition to your collection.
The illustrations are beautiful.

It's so fun for us when our overnights happen on or around holidays.
I only wish Makenzie and Brody were here.  
That would of made it perfect.

Happy Easter

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