Life While I'm Waiting…..

Today I'm joining Kelly of Kelly's Korner to reintroduce myself.
If you haven't visited her blog, you must.
She is an absolute sweetheart with a love of Jesus and her family.

My name is Deborah but I'll answer to Sweetie, Debbie, Deb, Mom, 
Momma, Nana and Aunt Debbie.

My husband is Mike.   He is one of a kind.  He's a retired Naval officer and a retired PA.
He also goes by "Sweetie" and Poppy.

I have four children.  (three on earth and one waiting in heaven)
Three girls and one boy.

Melissa, Ryan, Carrie and Kelly
(in order of picture below)
Kelly is older than Carrie

I have four (so far) grand babies.  Taylor (19), Makenzie (8), Dylan (7) and Brody (5).
To say my world revolves around them just might be an understatement.

I love Jesus first and then my family and friends.  After that in no particular order is decorating, parties for any reason, family get-togethers, traveling, all things Disney (especially Minnie Mouse), celebrating holidays, reading favorite blogs and Southern Living of course, Target, Lilly Pulitzer, Coke, being a southerner and most anything with peaches in it.  I like Brighton Jewelry but I'll admit I'm a new convert to being a  Pandora charm bracelet fan 
(they have Disney charms).

Last year I would of told you my life was pretty perfect.
Maybe not perfect in the world's view but I was content.
 Then my world came crashing down around me.
I lost my only son this past September.  The first few months I will admit were so completely overwhelming that I wasn't sure how I would go on.  My faith is in Jesus and I know I'll see
him one day.  My heart is divided in half.  Half  is here on earth with my family and
friends and the other  half is in heaven with Ryan.
I could feel myself pulling away from everyone and everything so I'm fighting
to get back.  I'm taking this opportunity to begin blogging again because documenting 
special occasions and memories and sharing ideas with others has alway given me
gladness and smiles.  God knows I can use that now.

The name of my blog is Life While I'm Waiting.  When I originally
came up with it my thought was a way to document our families
lives and activities (I'm terrible with photo albums) throughout my
life and our adventures while I'm waiting to be called home to glory.

Now it means so much more……

Thanks for reading and I am now going to spend a few hours getting to 
know all of you who have linked up.


  1. You have a beautiful family! My heart just breaks for you, and I can't imagine a blog name more fitting. Hugs!