Welcome 2013 (Resolutions and Word of the Year)

            This is the post I made last year (January of 2012) of my New Year's Resolutions

* Read the entire bible.                                              
* Nuture my relationship with my husband.            
* Become more involved at church.                          
* Eat healthier.                                                          
* Exercise more (Goals:  Walk 6 hours a week and bike ride one hour a week.)      
* Visit Ethiopia.                                                        
* Drink more water.                                                        
* Fund raise for a well somewhere in Africa.            
* Get more sleep.                                                      
* Pray purposefully for my loved ones (family and friends).    
* Pray everyday.                                                                      
* Pray for those in need.                                                                    
*  Read 12 books.
*  Attend a Christian Women's Conference.      
                 The Pearl Event II - The Double Strand.
*  Start a business with my husband.                                                          
*  Begin to learn the piano.                                                                        
*  Make more time with my mom.                                
*  Visit my Dad.
*  Learn to sew.
*  Use my resources (time and money)  to bless others.
*  Join a bible study.
*  Be more organized.
*  Begin to learn another language.
*  Always be an encourager to others.
*  Show my gratitude to others.
*  Eat out less and plan menus.
*  Give more gifts from the heart (homemade).
*  Gift my kids and grandkids with more of my time rather than just gifts themselves.
*  Learn to take better pictures with my camera on settings other that auto and ISO

                       i was going to grade myself on how I accomplished my goals

             but when i looked over my list i realized that it wasn't gonna be pretty

                       i did some well (a few very well) but most were failures

                                 the thing about new year's resolutions is

                          changing the things you don't like about yourself

                                       that's what I love about january

                                      new beginnings and clean slates

                   before i even reviewed last year's resolutions I had already

                              made the decision to simplify my list this year

           i saw this going around facebook for several weeks and the more

                      i thought about it i realized it was just what i needed


                           My New Year's Resolutions for 2013

                                     source:  facebook.com/kayarthur.precpet

            i think that about cover's anything I could possibly put on my list

                               and that brings me to my word for the year


      everything in my life that i let get in the way of what's truly important

        Remembering to be grateful in all things

890.  lessons learned on facebook
891.  spending time with loved ones over Christmas
892.  gifts that family and friends took their time and money to choose
                      for me
893.  simplifying 
894.  the day of 3 kings
895.  movie dates with my husband over the holidays
896.  a sleepover with my three youngest grandkids
897.  cousin time at the park
898.  beautiful weather for family at Disney
899.  safe trips home for family
900.  grandkids at ice-cream shops
901.  fresh starts
902.  little ones who truly love and appreciate their gift from each other

                   joining Ann Voskamp for multitudes on mondays

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  1. That's perfect! Simplify - I need more of that in my life too. I posted about resolutions today and wish I'd seen those 2 from facebook because that sort of goes along with what I was getting at in my ramblings. Like I said...I need to simplify. :)