Our Trip, Part 3

Wow, it's been weeks since I made a post to document our trip.  My plan was to post two different cities a week.  Well you know what happens to best laid plans...... LIFE.  It may also have something to do with the fact that "Part 3, Gettysburg" has hundreds of pictures that I needed to go through, edit and pick a few to summarize our visit.  And since this was Mike's favorite stop, that is going to be a tall order and I've been putting it off.   We'll I decided to bite the bullet and get started.


            We really enjoyed our visit to Gettysburg.  Some of the nicest people
                                                you'd ever want to meet.             
             (It was raining off and on that day so the pictures are pretty overcast.)
                             ( I'm not particularly good at lighting with my camera)

Mike and his favorite President.

There are different ways to tour the National Cemetery.  You can take a bus tour, 
rent a CD and drive yourself  or hire a private tour guide.  I'd recommend you hire
the private guide.   You can hire him for 2 to 5 hours.  (I found our 2 hours to be plenty
 but I think Mike would of preferred the 5 hour tour.) The private guide was a wealth 
of knowledge and you have the advantage of asking whatever you want.  
Note that when you hire the private tour guide, he will actually drive your car so you would 
need to be comfortable with that.  The advantage is that you can stop where you want 
and your not tied to the tour bus' schedule.  The cost is approximately the same as two tickets 
on the bus tour ($ 55.00).  

The tour guide above is standing directly on the spot where President Lincoln 
gave the Gettysburg address.  I was surprised there wasn't a more formal marking.

The unmarked graves were categorized in regiments.  It was very solemn to see just 
how many unmarked graves there were.

Actual ammunition from the Civil War.

The Town

The towns shops were so quaint and the people were very friendly.

We asked locals were a great place to eat was and most all directed us to Tommy's Pizza.
And they didn't disappoint.  It was delicious.  If you ever make a trip there, you have to stop by.

The Battlefield

There are over 6000 monuments at Gettysburg.

The Virginia Monument
The Florida Monument

Did you know there was an
American Indian regiment?

The Pennsylvania Monument

The Dobbin House

                    We also ate at the historic Dobbin House which opened in 1776.
                                    (We actually ate downstairs in the Tavern)

Yummy crab cake sandwich and their famous potato salad.
(Were not sure why the potato salad is famous but several places in
Pennsylvania and Vermont touted "famous potato salad")

The walls are original from 1776.

                           The Tavern dining room was lit only by candlelight.

Downtown Gettysburg

Mike was lucky enough to have a political discussion with President Lincoln and a fellow tourist.


                The gourds were beautiful.  This is the first city where we started
                seeing the gourds.   A theme that will be repeated throughout
                the rest of our travels.  I LOVE THEM! I kept taking pictures of
                them and telling Mike to take note.  Hoping he can duplicate some
                of them for me next fall.

Gettysburg was a great city to visit.  It's a small town that gives great tribute to the historic battle that took place here.  They have taken great measure to honor all who gave their lives.  It is done  in a very respectful way.    Not as commercial as you might think.  Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful.  It's a perfect vacation destination, especially if you have history buffs in your family or homeschool.               

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