Multitudes on Mondays

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                               Remembering to be greatful in all things

I'm thankful for:
416.  sweet, cute and polite trick or treators who came to my door on Halloween.
417.  beautiful weather we've had  this November.
418.  our new neighbors who will be moving in next weekend.
419.  Mike giving up a day he had planned for us full of  fun activities to help out
                my Mom's friend with a last minute request.  :)
420.  getting all my Halloween decorations put up quickly this year.
421.  a blogger's great idea for The Happy Day Project beginning today. 

                                                          happy day

      Click on the Happy Day Project to learn more about it and join in the fun.  Thanks Joy.

422.  the Hallmark Channel already playing Christmas movies all weekend long. 

Love's Christmas Journey.  So sweet.
423.  a quick recovery from feeling VERY ILL last night.
424.  kiddos who love to sit in my lap.
425.  the blessing of my babies.
426.  sweet time alone with Taylor for a shopping trip.
427.  Dustin, my grown nephew who still gives me a big hug whenever he sees me.
428.  that God provides for our needs.
429.  the time to work on my homemade Christmas ornaments in the evening while a watch the news
                       or a recorded show.
430.  elementary school fall festivals that have chili cook offs.
431.  Facebook Thankfulness Challange and reading what my friends are thankful for daily.
432.  christmas cds.
433.  Orphan Sunday.
434.  being born in the United States that has been blessed with so many freedoms.
435.  my husband bringing me a delicious salad to have lunch with me at work today.
436.  puzzle time on the floor between a mom and son.
437.  Randy and Melissa's continued recovery from surgery.
438.  working in an office with kind women.

                                           What are your greatful for?



  1. naming & numbering with you.
    He gives so many to name & number!

  2. Hallmark channel is already showing Christmas movies? I love watching those! My husband teases me about the cheesiness of the movies but I like them:) Enjoyed reading your list!