Happy Thanksgiving

As I was preparing dishes for our large family gathering at my mom's house this afternoon it suddenly dawned on my that my fall decorations will be coming down tomorrow to make room for Christmas.  While I'm so excited to get started, I know I'm gonna miss my favorite colors.

 Cherish the time with your family today giving thanks to God who makes all things possible.

                         From my home to yours,  Happy Thanksgiving

I'm in love with my  5 dollar pumpkin that I got in Virginia.
It's still as fresh as ever.  I'm thinking about painting is red
and keeping it for Christmas.  What do you think?  :)


My family tree that Mike gave me for our anniversary.  No, the pictures aren't  of our family yet.
I still need 4 more frames.  On my to do list for next week.  He also made me 
the white candy dish stand you see above.  (maybe you've seen them on Pinterest)
  I love them!  Thanks babe.

Pure Maple syrup from Vermont.  We'll be using this today.  

   Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in 
                                       Christ Jesus for you.
                                                                    1 Thessalonians   5:18

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