Being thankful in all things

Thanksgiving is the day we honor God by giving thanks for his many blessings to America.  
Let's remember to be thankful in all things.  Don't grow complacent.  Be greatful
for your good fortune and bad.  Find gratitude in all things.   

One of our biggest blessings this year is Muri.  We sponsor her
through Children's Hope Chest at Trees of Glory  (TOG) day center in Ethiopia.

We've been her sponsor family since February of this year.  We are 
occasionally allowed to send small care packages to TOG when
a team from Children's Hope Chest goes over for a trip.

Our sweet Muri is so very thankful for the smallest of things.
A hair pretty, color pencils, a new shirt.
She knows that there is a family out there who cares enough
about her to see that she gets an education, health care and food.  She
knows God loves her and she is his precious princess. 
And She Is Thankful.

You grow very attached to a child that you pray for daily just as you
would for your own family.  We are the blessed ones and we
are so thankful for this sweet little girl.

If your interested in sponsoring a child, please click on the Trees of Glory  box on the right side
 of this blog to find out more information or  please email Karen Wistrom (the coordinator) at kjwistrom@yahoo.com and she will match you with a child!    There are currently 30 precious children of God in need of a sponsor family at Trees of Glory.  

I would love for family or friends to sponsor a child at Trees of Glory.
Maybe we could go to Ethiopia together on a future trip. I've got
                          my sights set on next year. Wouldn't that be amazing!

                                 It means the world to a child like Muri.

I'll leave you with this beautiful smile.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Have a very blessed holiday with your family.

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