Sewing (beginning)

This weekend I spent some time "sewing".  I  help with my grandkids birthday parties because I love my grandkids and I love parties.  This year Dylan is have a Toy Story birthday so I decided to make a pennant banner. The tricky part is I don't know how to sew.  My mom "helped" me make my grandsons each a baby quilt.  Code for "helped" is I cut out the material and she sewed it.   I have an old, used machine that Mike got for me 10 years ago that I never really used so I decided this would be a good weekend to break it out and try my hand.  I've been inspired by all the great party blogs so I took an ideas that I had viewed on several of them.

I picked out 4 different materials.  Toy story, green, blue and white.  I also used blue binding and blue thread.  I made a triangle pattern out of card stock and traced over the material with chalk.  6 of each color than 24 additional white triangles to back each one with.

                                I thought with backing it, the triangle would be sturdier.

     And yes, that is the instruction book.  I had no idea even how to thread the bobbin or needle.

                               Once all the triangles were done, I sewed the blue binding on.

                                     This is the finished product.  It's about 17 feet long.

One of the games for the party will be a bean bag toss.  I covered the beanbags with some extra Toy Story material.

All in all, if you don't look too close, I think they came out cute.  I have to say I really enjoyed sewing and hope to do more projects soon.

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