Remembering 9-11

Today we watched the tributes honoring the thousands of lives lost on 9-11.  I'll always remember where I was that ill-fated morning.  I was already at work opening the office (I'm the office manager for a group of psychologists).  I'm always the first one there.  We had a "very small" TV (13 inch) in my office which we never turned on.  For some reason, I decided to turn on the news.  I heard about the first plane hitting and thought "oh my goodness, how could that have happened on such a clear day".  I started watching it and saw the second plane hit.  I was in disbelief.  For what seemed like minutes (but I'm sure were about 10 seconds) the newscaster didn't say anything.   I thought, did I just imagine this.  Finally he said "A plane just hit the second tower.  This can't be an accident ".     Everything changed.

After spending a part of the day watching the tributes it is as fresh as it was 10 years ago.  We will always send out prayers up to the lost souls of that ill-fated day and we especially honor the first responders and heros who took a stand on Flight 93.

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