Movie Night!

When Dylan spends the night we usually try to see a movie with him since that's one of his favorite things to do.  This week it was "Toy Story".  He's really into Toy Story now.  He even wants his "3rd" Birthday to be Toy Story.  Lets just say fun was had by all.  I love all of the Toy Story movies.  I get to reminisce about the toys that either I had or my kids had.   If you've never seen them (and I don't think that's hardly possible) or if you haven't seen them in a while, it makes a great movie night with the grandkids.

Yes, that is a VHS.  Luckily the grandkids TV room
has a combination VHS/DVD.  I just can't bear
to get rid of all the VHS Disney movies we
have from when my kids were little.

Dylan couldn't decide if  her wanted to read or watch the movie at the same time.  I think the movie won.
This is such a great little boys book.  It's a follow-up to The Little Blue Truck and my grandsons love them.

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