Grandparent's Breakfast.

                                    Dylan's preschool had a grandparent's breakfast again this year.
                                              Since Poppy is retired now, he got to go this year.

He was so happy that we were there for the celebration.

This little guy really has a good appetite.

The school was really sweet to have "grandparent" books around
 for us to read to the kids.

There was a surprise guest, Clifford the Dog.  Dylan was a little 
skeptical to have his picture made but as long as Poppy had him
he did fine.  He did a lot of waving from afar.

He was very proud to take us around and show us his work that
they have hanging up around the school.  

His school does such a good job with this breakfast every year honoring
the grandparents and we really appreciate their effort.

Sweet Memories

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