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As you may know if you've seen my blog before, I sponsor a child at Trees of Glory through Children's Hope Chest.  It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I'm very fortunate to be sponsoring a child at the same location where family and friends are also sponsoring a child.   My niece, Jessica and her husband Nick have already made several trips there and Mike and I hope to join them next year.   Trees of Glory serves 100 children and are in the process of adding 40 more children who are in need of sponsors.  It would be so awesome if other family and friends who were led to sponsor a child were able to sponsor one at TOG.  What a wonderful experience to have together.

The gift of sponsorship…

 A sponsor is a person who commits to three things that we call Pray, Say, and Pay.

1. Pray

As a sponsor, they ask that you would pray for your child as often as possible. Your child’s packet will give you information about their circumstances, family of origin, orphanage, town, and country–all vital tools in helping you pray for your child.

2. Say

They ask that sponsors try and send a message to their child about once a month. Say things to your child like, “I am proud of your hard work in school!” You may be one of the only encouraging voices in their lives.

3. Pay

Each sponsor commits to a $34/month sponsorship relationship that provides a child with many benefits. Your funds will enable us to hire in-country staff who will directly minister to your children. We will help with projects at your child’s orphanage, facilitate the letter writing exchange program, and also send a special Christmas and Birthday gift to your child on your behalf.
                    (The information in blue is from the Children's Hope Chest Website)

It has made a real difference not only in Muri's life, but especially in my life.   You will have other opportunities to help fund raise for special projects and if you'd like, there are even opportunities to go there on mission trips.  Karen Wistrom (Sponsorship coordinator for TOG)  is leading a trip this November.  For more information, please click on Karen's name above.  If you're interested in sponsoring a child specifically at Trees of Glory,  Karen  at kjwistrom@yahoo.com.


                                Desperate need immediately!!!!!

You may have heard about the severe drought in Ethiopia.  The situation is "desperate".  I received an email from Karen who states that the crops at TOG are failing due to the lack of water.  Jessica was just there 2 months ago described how the crops that the staff at TOG had planted were starting to come in. I can't imagine the disappointment they all must be feeling after working so hard to get fields planted.

The fact is that without water, it is just impossible to grow enough food to sustain these communities.

There is a fund raising going on now to build a well at TOG.   Listed below are different ways you can help now.   I will also be adding a fund raiser on my blog soon. (More on that later)  Please, if you can, consider helping in any way possible.  (Sponsoring, donating or  praying).

1.  Jessica is selling bracelets from Ethiopia.  Click on Bracelets.

2.  Heather has started an organization called ONEPurse (www.onepurse.org) .  With one purse party, she raised $520 for the fresh-water well project at Trees of Glory care-point in Ethiopia and she will continue doing these special "purse parties" to rasie funds.  Trees of Glory is caring for 100 orphaned and destitute children - with no running water - and 40 more children are about to enroll.  We need to dig a well and we need to dig it soon - and we need your help!!

3.  Please consider making a donation to fund this project - and please spread the word. This is something we can do right now to make a tangible difference for the kids and staff at TOG - AND in the surrounding villages!  And please pray for Ethiopia and the entire Horn of Africa as they once again weather drought and famine.

To make a donation:

Go to www.hopechest.org, click on GIVE
Click on DESIGNATED GIFT and specify a $ amount
In the Reference Number, specify ET2119000
In the Notes area, specify TOG WELL

Please remember to pray and consider a donation and sponsorship.  It will change their lives and your life.

Our sweet Muri

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  1. your thankfulness posts are always such an inspiration to me!
    i need to head over to jessica's and purchase some of the ethiopian love bracelets. thanks for the reminder.
    on a lighter note...the one pieces are from gap.
    thank you for always being such an encouragement