Multitudes on Mondays


                              Joining Ann Voskamp for her multitude on mondays. Hope you'll join.

                             (Remembering to be greatful in all things)
                                                       I'm thankful for:

Sunday, March 27

#51  Melissa, Randy and the kids got away for a couple of days to have fun family time.
#52  hearing and seeing the new milestones my grandkids are making.
#53  being on a new healthy eating menu. (I am choosing not to call it a diet)
#54  Rahel becoming our newest family member.
#55  that everytime I leave the house I notice the new flowers blooming .

Monday, March 28

#56  the blessing of planning a surprise party for someone I care about.
#57  my husband putting out the Easter Flag.  (Let the decorating begin)
#58  Etsy.
#59  Sonic, Arbys and Chick-Filet for selling Diet Dr. Pepper on ice.
#60  Taylor's first babysitting job.

                                                   What are you thankful for

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