Fun Friday

           Mike and I had to take a trip to Miami  on friday to see a doctor (definitely not the fun part).
                                      It ended early so we decided to go to Miami Beach.
                          I've lived in Florida for most of my life and I've never been to Miami Beach
                                                         and  Mike had never been either.
                         We'd always heard about the Art Deco district so thought we'd take a look.

Spring was in full bloom.  


Needless to say,  "Spring Break" was in full swing.  So much for timing.  The weather was very warm and the water was  very cold.  (As you can tell by the people on the beach and the people in the water).

One big difference we saw was the amount of palm trees.  Growing up  in Central Florida we're use to palm trees but they were everywhere.

We asked the locals where the best "go to"  restaurant would be.  We got a very good review of the
 "Big Pink" so we gave it a try.  

Filled with locals,  casual decor, delicious food and friendly staff.  What more could you ask for.
It may be a little crowded and loud (I counted 8 TVs) but it was definitely worth it 
(A little pricey though)

Around 2:00 we started back.  Would of loved to stay longer but with had we had tickets to:  

Ryan and Amber bought me season ticket to the Broadway Series and this is the one I was really looking foward to.   I loved it.  One of the best I have ever seen.
Thanks Bubby.

And if that's not enough, when we got home I opened my email to find the best news.  Jessica and Nick passed court and they are now "officially" the parents of their sixth sweet child.  Meet my new niece,

                                   Rahel Candace
                                      I can't wait till she is home so I can meet her.

      I'd have to say this day was just about perfect.  It definitely brings new meaning to "Fun Friday".

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