Multitudes on Mondays


Joining Ann Voskamp for her multitude on mondays. Hope you'll join.

                                                    I'm Thankful For:

Sunday, March 20th

#41  the first day of spring.
#42  a  beautiful day at the beach just relaxing with my husband and finding a place
        without thousands of spring breakers.
#43  spending time with Melissa for a little shopping.
#44   thinking about beginning my Easter decorations.
#45  a clean, brushed dog (thanks babe).

Monday, March 21st

#46  the opportunity to post so I will  remember to be grateful in all things.
#47  the talk on the phone with my mom.
#48  the bike ride I'll enjoy this evening with my husband.
#49  Makenzie's strong personality and determination (reminds me so much of Kelly).
#50  Amber and her blog from which I learned about Mulititudes on Monday.

                                          What are you thankful for

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