2010 Family Christmas Party

Every year a different member of our family hosts the Family Christmas Party.   We are blessed with a very large family.  It was my youngest sister's (Michelle) turn.  She did such a great job.  Mexican food, an adult size bounce slide, gift exchange and homemade goodie exchange.   This year there was a contest for best homemade goodie exchange.  Kim won!  (Sorry I didn't get a picture of that).  We had a great time.

Mom and Dad (Nanny and Poppy)
My brothers and sisters (Clockwise from the top)  Scott, Tammy, Me, Richard, Michelle and Kim

Younger grandkids  Front row:  Hunter, Austin (Ryan's girlfriend Amber's son) , Dylan and Taylor
Back row:  Matthew, Scotty and Rachel
Older grandkids (front row)  Richie and Daniel
(back row) Brittany, Dustin, Ryan, Melissa and Carrie

The in-laws  
Front row:  Mike, Marlene and Randy
Back row:  Pat, Michelle and Damion (Little sister Michelle's boyfriend)

We missed Sarah, Kelly, Matt, Makenzie, Brody and Amber  who weren't able to be there this year!!!!!

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