Trees of Glory Update!


That's how much has been donated to the Trees of Glory Livestock fund so far! That puts us at about 23% of our goal.

Below is an example of what you will receive if you donate (or donate as a gift in someone's name).

Background information about Children's Hopechest and TOG are printed on the back of each card along with an explanation of the livestock project and the impact it will have for the kids at this care-point.

Karen Winstrom (with Children's Hope Chest) and her team were in Ethiopia last month.  While she was there the land officials were actually at the care-point discussing the land with the in-country staff. The staff reiterated the importance of utilizing the land and the urgency of this need for livestock to graze the field.

Please consider donating, gifting a donation in someone's name for Christmas, passing this link along on your blog or facebook, we would be very greatful.

Remember, $900 buys a cow and the barn can be completed for just $1100

                                         $4290 to go !!!!

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