Wondering if you can really make a difference?

This is the picture we got of Dege in July when we became his sponsors.

This is Dege, 4 months after he began at Trees of Glory.

 Doesn't he have the sweetest smile and beautiful eyes.

Sponsorship really does make a difference in the lives of these children.      Sponsoring a child provides clothes, food  and an education for them.  It also makes a difference in your life.  You realize that for what you might spend on dinner takes care of your sponsor child for a month.  I can't tell you how that has changed the way I view most everything I do.   You will have the opportunity to occasionally send a care package when someone travels to Trees of Glory.   (We enclosed little treasures, pictures of our family, a new shirt, etc.)  Just trying to let Dege know we love him, Jesus loves him and we pray for him.   

Just look at that sweet little face.

If you are interested in finding our more about sponsoring a child please visit Karen Winstrom (with Children's Hope Chest) to learn more about it.

Please remember we still have the fundraiser going on for the Trees of Glory Livestock fund.  Visit my previous post for more information.   Post

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