I was thinking about how I can put into a few meaningful words (because I know  busy everyone is this time of the year)  a post about the fundraiser, Christmas Trees of Glory,  that I am helping Jessica with.  I've decided I can't say it better or in as few words as she did so I've copied her post.

Jessica's Post:

                                                MORE DAYS TO HAVE ONE OF THESE

                                              MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR ONE OF THESE

To make a donation for the Livestock Fund:

Make a donation at Children's Hope Chest (go to the site, click on the orange GIVE button on the far right side at the top of the home page)

Under "Gift Information," click on "choose a fund" and select "designated gifts"

Then write in your gift amount (if you're giving gift cards to more than one person, just add up the total amount to be given and write it in the blank, then when you email me, just clarify the number of total gift cards needed-that will save you from having to make multiple donations)

Then (this is the important part) under the "notes field" be sure to add in the Trees of Glory Livestock Fund code which is "ET2119000 LIVESTOCK."

Finally, add in your info and follow the prompts to complete your donation.

Once you complete your donation, send me an email at jirvin79@gmail.com with your donation amount, your mailing address and the number of gift cards that you need and we'll send it out to you within the next few days. So that we are able to get the cards to you before Christmas, please make all donations prior to December 18th. If we have not met our goal by then, we will continue fundraising through other avenues, but the gift cards will no longer be sent.

While we will continue to advocate for the funds necessary to complete this project, the Christmas Trees of Glory fundraiser will end on December 18th (that will allow us enough time to deliver any cards that are ordered by Christmas).

Back to Deborah's Post:

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Livestock fund  through the Christmas Trees of Glory fundraiser.  We still have 3 days left.  Please consider making a small (or large) donation.  

Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

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