Winter Decor

I love winter so it's probably a strange thing that I still live in Florida.
I love the cold, snow, icicles, snowmen, ski lodges, cabins, sleds
hot chocolate, soups, sweaters, blankets.....

You name it, I love it.

Some say that unless you've had to deal with
the slushy melting muck, scraping ice off of cars,
heating bills or going to work in it you may not know
what you're talking about.  That could possibly be true...

But in my wishes, I love it.

So after the Christmas decor comes down I put up a few 
winter decorations so I can imagine I've having a winter.

Because I'm committed to purging all of my holiday decorations this month
I decided just to put up very few little touches.

my snowball wreath

loving my deer plate that my sweet Melissa gifted me for Christmas
I think it is meant to be a Christmas decoration but I'm loving it for winter.

Anthropologie had the most lovely plates this holiday season

I'm kind of regretting not getting the deer pillow but I just couldn't justify the price.
I'm pretty cheap frugal that way.  

I believe I just might have an addiction to the winter Bath and Body Works
soap scents, especially "Winter"
my favorite soap and candle scent from BBW

I was lucky to nab up quite the stash with their after Christmas sale

I wanted a few snow candles but I really did not want to invest in 
anything else until I'm done with the "Decor Purge"

I know you've seen this project all over facebook and Pinterest

I was going to do a tutorial but it was quite frankly 
so easy there is no need for it.  

All you need is:
Kosher Salt
Mod Podge
white candle
sponge brush

all of which I had on hand

Brush on Mod Podge, sprinkle on salt and let dry

I have my winter scented candles in a few different rooms of the house.
They smell divine.  Similar to my all time favorite, Volcano.

and now I'm off for a walk to enjoy my nice 70 degree winter day

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